Specializing in comprehensive neuropsychological, psychoeducational, & psychological assessments of children & adolescents

The evaluation is completed over several days and includes the following components:

Telephone Intake

As the first step in the evaluation process, Dr. Font completes a brief telephone session with at least one of the child’s primary caregivers to answer any questions they may have about the evaluation and to collect basic information about the child to determine if the child may benefit from further assessment and evaluation.

Initial Interview

The goal of the initial interview is to clarify the primary concerns and gather significant history about the child to obtain a better understanding of the child’s strengths and weaknesses. At this meeting, caregivers will be asked to complete the necessary paperwork to proceed with the evaluation, including forms providing Dr. Font with authorization to speak to other professionals (such as teachers, tutors, pediatricians, or other health care providers) who are working with the child.


The selection of the assessment battery is based on each child’s individual needs, the goals identified for the evaluation, and the reason for referral. As such, the number of days of testing with each child will vary. The domains selected for testing may include:

● Intelligence

● Adaptive Functioning

● Academic Achievement

● Attention & Executive Functioning

● Receptive & Expressive Language

● Visual Perceptual Skills

● Visual Memory

● Verbal Memory and Learning

● Sensorimotor/Fine Motor Skills

● Social and Emotional Functioning

School Observation Session

Depending on the referral question and the goals of the evaluation, a school observation session may also be scheduled to observe a child in his or her classroom. This provides Dr. Font with the opportunity to observe the child’s academic performance, behavior, relationships with teachers, and social interactions with peers during structured and unstructured time during the course of a regular school day.

Consultations with Other Professionals

After the testing portion of the evaluation with the child is completed, telephone consultations with the other professionals working with the child will be scheduled to gather their concerns and impressions of the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Feedback Session

When all of the data collection and scoring is complete, a feedback meeting with the child’s caregivers will be scheduled to review the evaluation results and to discuss their implications for the child’s cognitive, academic, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning. This will also include a specific treatment plan developed by Dr. Font based on the findings of the evaluation as well as a list of resources designed for your child.

Complete Evaluation Report

The complete assessment report from the evaluation is typically provided two weeks after the feedback session and includes significant history, behavioral observations, test results, summary and clinical impressions, any applicable diagnoses, the summary sheet of scores, and recommendations for treatment.

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